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From the days when we were young, as a boy, maybe you felt as if some day you would be a King that rules gallantly over his people or a Knight who journeys to far off lands to slay the dragon that has taken the Princess as his captor. Maybe as a girl, you grew up thinking that one day you would wed the charming knight that rode in on his valiant steed covered in shiny armor. Perhaps you would design a group that stole from the rich and gave to the poor as the Robin Hood tales describe. Either way, you saw yourself as Royalty and beloved by the people, but as you grew, fantasy became less and less and reality set in leaving these dreams ever so lingering in the back of your minds. You became adults and life itself took away from the dreams and took second place to maintaining a living for you and your family. I am here to tell you that your dreams have found a way out and made themselves into a reality.

My family and I were lucky enough to be contacted by Medieval Times Atlanta and we were offered a chance to review everything possible that this event has to offer. Of course, with us having five children, we accepted with enthusiasm and excitement. However, we were not ready for what we encountered. It was as if we were transferred back in time to the days of yore. In the beginning, the staff came out dressed in the attire of the times and then a trumpeter blows his mighty trumpet announcing the King’s arrival along with the beautiful young Princess. King Carlos announces to the crowd at how happy he was to have guests at his castle and ordered a feast and games for the day. As he leaves back into his castle, the doors are opened to the customers. When you enter into this realm of Medieval ways, you are thrust back into your dreams which have become reality with a little bit of a twist. Gift shops align the walls inside the castle where young knights and princess’ can purchase the items that drive their imagination from fantasy to reality. There are even items there for the big kids such as myself like shields, swords, battle axes, helmets with and without chain mail of all different kinds of design, and so many more items. The gift shops have tunics that represent their knights colors, which you are given the knight’s color at the entrance, that the children can purchase and wear during the show. It is unbelievable at how many items they have available for purchase to make your visit seem as realistic as possible.

For adults, they do have a cash bar for drinks along with drinks for the kids such as Pepsi in multitudes of collector’s glasses and mugs. Since this is a family friendly event, I do believe that they should limit the drinks to adults before the show. I understand that they want you to be outgoing and boisterous during the show, which I will get too shortly, but save that for the show, not during the time that the children are running around in awe.

As you are walking around the common areas before the show, they have an area that you can sit that is absolutely beautiful with a fireplace made for a king and from this area, you can see from one end of the area to the other and just take in the magnificence of the design and splendor of the medieval time that has come to life. The walls are adorned with actual full size armor pieces that knights would be dawned in and they are actually for sale if you are interested in adorning your home with one. There is a beautiful balcony just above where King Carlos would conduct his Knighting ceremonies. If you want to get pictures, it is welcomed and you can take them anywhere in the castle. I urge you to make sure that your batteries are fresh and your camera has been dusted off because after the year of non-use, it will be put to the test on this night.

We were fortunate enough to be at Medieval Times Atlanta when they were hosting an activity for the children known as “Knights Training”. It is available to children between the ages of 5-12 and I am happy to say that I had 3 of our own children take part. During this training, the Knights that will take part in the show come out and teach your children how to defend themselves with sword strikes along with relaying to them the importance of listening to their parents and growing as a good knight and only using these tactics that are taught under adult supervision and never against other children, pets, or adults.  The training itself took approximately 20-30 minutes and once they were finished, each new knight, boy and girl, took part in a knighting ceremony conducted by the king. Once the knighting ceremony was complete, it was back to the common areas and time to await the show. 

When they are ready to seat the guests, they are very organized and call you by your card color, which you are given at the main gate. As you enter the arena, your area is lit up by the color that you were designated and on your card, it will have which seats you are supposed to be in so that there is no overcrowding. The wenches and serfs were readily available to direct you to exactly where you need to be for the show. If you are sitting there thinking that you may have problems seeing over the individuals that may be in front of you, guess again. The seating is exemplary because no matter where you sit, it is as if you have a front row seat everywhere. It did not matter if I stood up in front of the person behind me, they were still able to see and participate without any issues of me obstructing their view.  
 The center ring is enormous and rightfully so since the show takes place here and it will incorporate everything from horses, falcons, and battles. It truly does come to life as the music and lighting enhance your senses for everything about to happen.

As the show begins, of course the King and his Lord Chancellor announce what we will be seeing and for any animal loving individual, the beginning is especially captivating because we are lucky enough to experience the gracefulness of their dancing horses. Each horse follows its commands to a “T” and as somebody who has ridden horses for quite some time, I have never really seen up close and personal the amazement that they provide. Only the best from the King’s stock I suppose.

As the show progresses, we have the luck and bewilderment of watching a falcon trainer with her falcon as it shows its magnificent abilities in hunting. The falcon will glide around the whole room just over the heads of the patrons swooping up and down until finally attacking its prey at the end. Before the event is held, it is a firm warning given to the people not to interfere as this is going on. You understand very well why once you view the falcon attack its prey. From there, the meal begins to start making its way to the guests.

During the show, you are not bombarded with events and food all at once; they bring the food out gradually during the show. I have to say, I thought I would be getting hungry between each piece of the meal but your attention is kept and I have to honestly say, I wish that we could incorporate this style of eating at home. You start off with your bread and (dragon blood) tomato bisque’. Once the falcon is done, they bring out the dragon wing (chicken wing) which was very good. It was juicy and succulent and seasoned very well.  When we think of a chicken breast or thigh, we think “it’s probably going to last a few minutes”; this was not the case with this delectable “dragon wing”. My piece of “dragon wing” lasted almost until the very end of the show which lasts approximately 2 hours. Once they have served the “dragon wing”, then they bring out the “dragon’s rib” (spare rib) covered in barbeque sauce. Once that is served then comes out the “dragon’s egg” which is a potato cut in half with ridges on one side and sprinkled with seasoning. Finally, once we you have received all of these delectable items, and trust me, everything is scrumptious, then you are bestowed a great dessert or apple turnover dusted with cinnamon. These pastries were so good that I ended up having mine and my 4 year olds, when he wasn’t looking….LOL For those of you that are saying “shame on you” don’t worry, he wasn’t even able to make it through the “dragon’s wing” because of its size.  And don’t worry; if you can’t make it through your meal, they have to-go plates available from your wench or serf.

As I said, the feast is brought to you during the show, so if you are done with one piece of the meal, and awaiting the next, you have the entertainment to keep your palate at bay until it arrives. You have the traditional show of strength and honor between each knight and the fans are encouraged to rise from their seats and cheer on their knight and “boo” the other knights. It was a great and magical time of competition and chivalry. However, during the show, there is a bit of spinoff from the competition as a stranger from a different land approaches and attempts to make a bargain with the King. He is granted his leave to provide his message but in the end, the harrowing tale of strength and honor really does come out to play.

I can say this, during the whole event at Medieval Times Atlanta, from the entrance until the end; you become caught up in this world, this time, this era, of imagination and reality. You become entranced in the ways of the old and are bewildered at the advancement of life. You wonder how such a simple life became as complex as we see today. The program shows how they used to take into account the well-being of others and wanted them to feel satisfied and entertained during their stay. How many of us go out of our way today to make sure that others are taken care of before ourselves? 

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