18" Packing Organizer/Folder/Envelope

Another great item from Dot&Dot is their 18 Inch Packing Organizer.  If you are a traveler either for business or pleasure I suggest checking out this product.  It seems that no matter what I do I can't seem to keep clothing wrinkle free.

Now with this I am able to greatly minimize wrinkling Which makes it nice if you have some where you need to go when you arrive to your destination.

Not only is this a packing cube but it is also a folding cube.  Just like their
15 Inch Packing Organizer  just lay your shirt flat and fold the flaps over for a neat fold.  They will also keep them from shifting.

The great thing about this cube is that you can pack about 8 or more shirts in it.  That's great for a long trip.  Or even if you are going to need several outfits during your getaway.


Dimensions: 18" x 12" - Available in 2-piece set and one piece
Protects your clothes from dirt and wrinkles. Each travel organizer holds 8-12 items.
Makes folding and packing fast and easy
Gives your more room in your luggage by compressing clothes
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