Premium Delicates Laundry Bags

 There are times that I get products to review that bring back great childhood memories.  The Premium Delicates Laundry Bags did just that.  I'm guessing you are thinking, how can a laundry bag of all things bring back great childhood memories.  Well, they can :-)

The package I received contained 4 laundry bags!  You receive 2 large and 2 smaller ones.  So there is a bag for all of your laundry needs.



All you do is place your delicates in the bag and zip them up then you are ready to go.  Your delicates will be protectd with less of a chance of them getting snagged, stretched or something.

Ready to go into the wash.

 Once in the washing machine you are ready.

Now, I know some are wondering how this simple product can bring back the childhood memories that I mentioned previously.  Well, I'll tell you, being raised by my grandparents I learned a lot even if I didn't want to.  Yes, Laundry and taking care of the household in general was one of the things I learned.  My Grandma always told me that it is important to keep your delicates (undies and such) in the best shape as possible and one way to do that is use a laundry bag.  If you didn't use one then it was a good idea to wash them out by hand.  Ok, so I wasn't going to do the later, after all the time that she was telling me this I was in high school and that just wasn't going to happen so I used a laundry bag.

She told me that by using the laundry bag helps to save your bras from hooking on other clothing and snagging them and plus the material that most undergarments were made of were more delicate than that of our other clothes.  So this was a great way to help protect them so they lasted longer.

These laundry bags are like the ones that Grandma used.  These are more of mesh like as opposed to the net type that Grandma used.  Honestly I like these better because things don't snag on the bag.

Product Description

Lingerie bags for laundry: #1 Best Wash Bag
Your Laundry. Done Smarter. 1) Delicates Laundry Bag Perfection.If you've tried any ordinary laundry wash bags, you'll notice the InsideSmarts difference in no time. These #1 Rated Wash Bags are made of premium-grade mesh that makes them as strong & durable as they are luxurious & smooth.
2) Everything in its Place.This popular lingerie wash bag set ships to you with 4 Luxury Wash Bags (2 Medium: 12" x 15" & 2 Large: 16" x 19"). Keep like-colors separated using the 3 white wash bags for light-colored loads, and the 1 large black bag for dark-colored items.
3) Every Wash: Quiet & Safe. Zippered mesh laundry bags can be noisy, but not this new, 2015 Delicates Wash Bag design. Slip the rustproof zipper under the smart zipper guard to protect & ensure a quiet, snag-free wash.
4) Our Famous "Smart-Wash" CONSTRUCTION GUARANTEE.If our #1 Wash Bag construction quality, or anything about our product is not up to par: WE WANT TO KNOW. Our Top Priority is your satisfaction, and stand behind our premium products. If you're not satisfied for any reason, return your purchase for a 100% refund, no questions asked. You literally RISK NOTHING trying this Premium Product Today.

DELICATES WASH BAG SET OF 4 ~ Buy the Best Now: 2 Medium Bags (12" x 15") & 2 Large Bags (16" x 19").
LINGERIE BAGS FOR LAUNDRY ~ You & your clothes will LOVE the premium, silky mesh protecting your finest garments
*2015 DESIGN* MESH LAUNDRY BAGS ~ Choose the BEST to protect delicates, extend the life of lingerie, hosiery, intimates and more.
DELICATES LAUNDRY BAGS KEEP COLORS SEPARATE & SAFE ~ Use the 3 white wash bags for light colors & the 1 large black bag for dark garments.

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