Clear Shower Curtain Liner

Since moving into our new place a few months back I have been trying to figure out the decor for our bathroom.  I have tried a few different shower curtains and haven't been happy with none of them.

I was given the chance to try SmartyPants Supplies Clear Shower Curtain Liner.  I am happy to say that it works great and doesn't make my bathroom feel so small.

When I opened it I immediately noticed that it didn't have a strong plastic smell to it.  I always hate that there is that smell even though I know it is a given.  The next thing I noticed was the quality of it.  I haven't had a shower curtain that is like this one.

It looks great hanging and doesn't have a closed in feel when in use.  It was just the perfect size to fit the shower too!

The tops is reinforced which will help with the life of it.

Product Description

Protect Your Bathroom From Harmful Mold And Mildew
The Best Mold, Mildew, And Bacteria Resistant Shower Curtain Liner On The Market to Protect Your Family From That Unwanted "Nasty" Bathroom Experience...
-Resists the growth of mold, mildew and other harmful bacteria that creeps into unprotected bathrooms
-Retains shape securely and stays in place while you shower using heavy duty tear proof grommets that last
-72" length protects your bathroom and keeps your floor dry no matter the size of your tub or shower
This Extra Heavy Gauge Clear Shower Curtain Liner Repels Mold, Mildew, And Bacteria Using The Latest In Shower Liner Materials...
Our shower curtain liner is made of extra heavy gauge vinyl that deters the growth of mold and bacteria and lasts longer than your typical "cheap" liner. This non-porous, "no-smell" material inhibits bacterial growth, is easy to use, and has been highly rated by our customers as comfortable addition to their bathroom space!.
Strong, Long, and Mildew Free!
- Anti-rusting metal reinforced grommets for maximum long term usage and durability
- 72in x 72in size... fits most bathtubs and showers
- Provides all showers with a waterproof barrier
- No Bad/Chemical odors thanks to the special anti-bacterial, heavy gauge vinyl
The ONLY Mildew-Resistant Shower Curtain Liner Backed By a Lifetime Guarantee!

If you are looking for a great shower curtain I suggest checking this one out.

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