Greenwald's Carpet & Fabric Stain Remover 6-Pack

Greenwald's Carpet & Fabric Stain Remover 6-Pack works great at getting out most stains.  

 Just like their all purpose cleaner this is so easy to mix and use.  You start out with a spray bottle that is about 31 ounces, fill it with either warm or cold water (I use warm water because I feel it helps to mix the solution better), drop one of the packets in (don't cut open, packets are water soluble), let it sit for about a minute and shake gently.  You are ready to go!Besides it cleaning great it is also great that you just need to purchase the refills and you have tons of cleaning supplies.  The refill packs come with 6 individual packets so you can make up 6 32 ounce bottles.  What a great way to save money!

Product Description

It's The Bomb
Maintaining carpet can be costly and time-consuming. This just made it a whole lot easier.
What's Included
Your kit includes one 6-pack carpet, upholstery and fabric stain remover that makes 6 32-oz spray bottles. It also includes one high quality professional spray bottle that you will use over and over. Simply:
1. Fill the 32oz spray bottle with warm water.
2. Drop in one packet.
3. Let sit for one minute then gently shake.
It's That Easy
Works On These Stains And More
Stain remover and carpet cleaner for red wine, coffee, cola, auto carpet, baby, upholstery, fabric, cloths, pet, kids, urine, grass, dog, cat, car interior, seats, chewing tobacco, ink, cranberry juice, grease and much more. Just about any stain that is water-based or oil-based can be eliminated.
Benefits Summary
You receive in each 6-pack refill the ability to make 6 32-oz bottles of cleaning spray. This isn't any spray, it's commercial grade spray designed to cut the toughest stains without leaving residue. Because the refills come in a tiny size it means you can easily store an entire arsenal of our cleaning products (glass cleaner, floor cleaner, all purpose cleaner, etc.) in a single drawer. You don't have to shop for cleaner as often either, it's all at your finger tips. You get all this and save 30-70% on your cleaning supplies to boot.
When you initially purchase our cleaning products in "kit" form, you will have a clearly labeled and colored bottle to keep your cleaning very organized. Carpet cleaning has never been easier or more fun.

WORKS LIKE A MIRACLE POTION - It's simply amazing. It cleans old stains as well as new. It does a magnificent job cleaning stains in upholstery, cloths, shoes, floor, carpet, rugs, red wine, coffee, pet stains, human stains, cat and dog urine, vomit, blood. It eliminates most water-based and oil-based stains and it's Made In The USA.
  DOESN'T LEAVE RINGS, STICKEYNESS OR CRUSTINESS - Other carpet cleaners leave residue that attracts dirt or leaves unpleasant marks behind. Our special commercial grade formula works harder and better than other consumer choices.
SAVE ON CLEANING EXPENSES - Your 6-pack easily makes 6 32-oz spray bottles (Note: Professional Spray Bottle Included) at a fraction of the cost of other leading brands, plus it's commercial grade. Since the refills fit in the palm of your hand your storage requirements for cleaners just got significantly reduced.
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Refills completely dissolve leaving nothing leftover. No need to buy a new plastic bottle every time you're out of cleaning product, simply reuse your existing bottle. Since our high quality professional bottle is included, your assured of many future uses.
OUR GUARANTEE - We won't consider your purchase binding and committed on your part until... First of all you've used our carpet & fabric stain remover concentrate and have diligently measured its effectiveness and if you can't honestly say most of the following are true, 1. It's more powerful and cleans better than any other carpet & fabric cleaners you've previously used, 2. It saves you significant money, 3. It helps save the environment, 4. It saves you a tremendous amount of storage space, 5. You spend less time going to the store for cleaners. If you can't honestly affirm that we don't feel like we deserve to keep your money.

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