Amazing Body Wipes for Men

There are all sorts of body wipes for women and children.  Now there is one for men!  Amazing Body Wipes for Men is a great way for men to freshen up when there isn't time for a shower.

 They come in a masculine box so they won't feel like they are using an item for a woman.

 The individual packages are a nice size for your man to carry them in their wallet.  These make it nice when there isn't any wate around.

They aren't scented so there is no worry about having a scent that clashes with their cologne.

Product Description

Fresh Richie is a flushable towelette for men who are always on the go. With sleek and discreet packaging, you never have to feel self-conscious about being clean down there. Fresh Richie contains specially formulated ingredients that will leave you and your privates feeling minty fresh.

About the Product

Discreet Packaging
Can be used on all parts of the body
Neutralizes men's body odor

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