Mamaway Baby Sling

I love seeing the new products that are out for babies now.  Even though my children are grown and on their own I still purchase baby items for my grand-babies.  With me reviewing products I am able to try products that I either, may not buy or am just a bit skeptical about.  I don't care for all products I review but the Mamaway Ring Sling is one that I absolutely love.

It is a nice compact design which makes for easy storage.

This is a nice comfortable baby sling for both Mama and baby.  It is very easy to put on and can be used either on your front or back. It is also nice and soft so it won't chafe your baby.  Not only is it a fantastic baby sling but it also doubles as a cover when breastfeeding so you have some privacy.

I know have another item that I will be getting my children and all their babies.  Also, I have some friends that are expecting and this is one of the top items on my list for them also.

About the Product

Looking for the perfect baby carrier that is easy to use, adjustable and convenient? Tried a list of other carriers but still haven't found the one your baby loves? The Mamaway Ring Sling baby carrier gives you the ease, comfort and benefits that no other baby carrier can. Research shows babywearing to be the safest way to carry your child. It promotes the bonding and attachment essential for your baby's emotional development. Some major babywearing benefits: Skin-to-skin interaction between you and your newborn promotes a warmer, more holistic development leading to happier and smarter babies Gives you hands-free convenience while knowing your baby is close, safe and comfortable Baby's All Set, Positioned And Ready To Go In Just 10 Seconds Going out for groceries or grabbing a bite to eat together with your baby can be tough. Wearing your new Mamaway Ring Sling gives you the option and freedom to choose between many comfortable positions (side, lay down, face front) for your baby. Perfect for newborns and strong enough for growing toddlers. Ergonomically-designed and calculated weight distribution makes it easy on your back, and allows you to carry and bond with your baby for longer hours. Made from 100% Pima cotton. Breathable and allergy-free. Suitable for your baby's sensitive skin. Super light yet tough enough to support up to 50 kgs of weight. Super Mommy Breastfeeding On The Go Your Mamaway Ring Sling baby carrier eliminates practically all your breastfeeding worries. Feeding time can be done anywhere, anytime so baby won't have wait. Privacy is never an issue as it doubles as a nursing cover. Order now and experience the magic of Mamaway Ring Sling baby carrier. 

FOR BABY'S FIRST ADVENTURE: Mamaway Ring Sling is an all-around baby carrier perfect for your newborn. The right fit and customizable shape gives your baby the perfect comfort, snugness and love they deserve. Position your baby any way you want; upright or lying down, in front, on your hip or behind your back. Ideal for hands-free cuddles, getting things done around the house or out and about with your baby.
BABY IS SAFE AND SOUND: No need to worry whether your baby is in a safe position or breathing properly. Your ring sling is rigorously tested super strong nylon rings have been tested to carry up to 50kgs of weight for 24 hours, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. Made of 100% cotton fabric that provides full support once tightened. Its double ring design means no set-up required and allows super fast adjustment for babies and toddlers of all sizes.
ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED FOR YOUR BABY: This ring sling was designed to give extreme comfort for baby and mom. Okay, and maybe Dad too. Unlike other carriers, the Mamaway Ring Sling supports your baby in their most natural upright or resting position, so they can be comfortable and settled for a long period of time. Strategically created to distribute most of the baby's weight across your back and off your shoulders, giving you more time for skin-to-skin bonding with less effort.
BREASTFEED WITH PRIVACY AND SECURITY: No more cranky and hungry babies! You can easily set up the Mamaway Ring Sling for breastfeeding anywhere, anytime. No need to buy other products to make feeding time comfortable. Your Mamaway Ring Sling supports your arm during feeding giving you the functionality of a breastfeeding pillow. Its generous "tail" fabric feature works as a cover for optimum breastfeeding privacy.
EASY STORAGE AND CLEAN: Made of 100% lightweight cotton. Weighs just a little over 14.4 ounces and can be effortlessly tucked away when not in use. Cleaning it is a breeze. Just throw it in a washing bag and straight into your washing machine.

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