Harry Potter Obliviate Shot Glass

 Are you a Harry Potter fan?  How about a collector of shot glasses?  Or even have a home bar?  Well, if you are/do then this is the perfect shot glass for you.  The Shot Glass - Obliviate - Inspired by Harry Potter isn't your average shot glass.

This is a 2oz shot glass rather than the average 1oz.  This shot glass is a nice heavy glass but not too heavy.  It is also dishwasher safe and the writing won't come off.  The writing is very crisp and clear and can be read even with liquid in it.

The obliviate shot glass isn't the only one that they have which is of the same great quality.  Check all of their shot glasses out and get a couple today. 

Product Description

BIGGER IS BETTER - Our shot glass holds a full 2 ounce shot. Most others only hold 1.5 ounces
  HARRY POTTER INSPIRED - A spell used to erase memories from an individual's mind.
  BLACK IS BETTER - Seems that if you have a shot glass with writing on it you should be able to read it even if there's clear liquor inside. Glasses with etched lettering are almost impossible to read without a darker spirit inside.
  THE PERFECT GIFT - The best gifts surprise and delight the lucky receiver. What Harry Potter fan wouldn't love this?
  TORTURE TESTED - Dishwasher safe. We even boiled it for an hour without a scratch 
Instructions For Shot Glass Use:

Place Shot Glass on flat surface with open side up

Pour Liquor(s) into the Glass

Raise Glass off flat surface to lips in one swift motion

Quickly empty contents into mouth

Place Shot Glass back on flat surface

Repeat if necessary


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