Kai and Cheetos

You may be wondering what this post is about when you read the title.   Well, I will tell you! But first for those of you who don't know Kai let's meet him.
Kai is a lovable, seven (7) pound, no not Ewok (this was his Halloween costume), Yorkie.  He wouldn't hurt a fly.  That is unless said fly messed with his treats, food or toys, then he would snap at it.

Now, keeping that in mind let me tell you about the adventure we had last night.  For some reason Kai decided he was going to get really worked up over something in the kitchen vent.  We didn't know what it was and was worried about removing the vent.  When it was removed he really went crazy.
We looked down into the vent and couldn't see anything yet he was still going crazy.  So we proceded to getting a flash light and using a phone to shoot a video to see what was in there.  Well, we did that and saw all sorts things in the vent.  After all, having a three (3) year old that knows how to remove and replace the vent covers can get a lot of things in the duct work without you knowing.

Here are some of the things we saw in it: dust, cat toy, cars and one (1) lone Cheeto!  Those were just some of the things that was thrown in by a little three (3) year old boy.
Kai was still going crazy for something in the vent.  We thought maybe some critter had gotten into the duct work.  After all we are in the country so that is a possibility of it getting under the trailer and in the duct work.  Especially now that it is getting cooler.
Since Kai wouldn't calm down we pulled out the vacuum cleaner to try and suck up whatever it was in there that he was going crazy over.

We vacuumed up the dirt and trash that was thrown down there and then it sucked something big up.  We didn't know what it was so when the hose was pulled out, slowly, we looked and it was a mouse!!!  Ok, it wasn't a real mouse but none the less a cat toy!  Let me tell you, when you aren't sure what a dog is trying to gnaw through the floor to get to you don't think about it as a toy.  It looked real too. Fortunately we noticed the tag on the toy.  Now it is funny thinking back on it but at the time it scared us to death.

Once that was out of the vent he calmed down only slightly.  So we kept on vacuuming to clear out whatever it was that he was after.  We were at the vent thing for about 30 minutes and he finally calmed down considerably after that.  We had vacuumed up everything that was around the kitchen vent, yes even the Cheeto that was down there was sucked up too.

We had a laugh about how Kai didn't calm down until the Cheeto was sucked up.  So we decided that Cheetos aren't only one of our favorites but Kai's too.  So much so that he will try and eat through the floor to get one!  Hmmm, I wonder if that's a new marketing/advertising idea for Cheetos?!?!

This was just a little insight to our crazy life with furbabies so no compensation of any form was given for this post.  I hope it put a smile on you face like it has ours!  Thank you for being such a great fan!