Waterproof Smartphone Carrying Case - White

If you have wanted to take your phone in the water at a pool, beach or water park but don't because afraid to mess up the expensive piece of eleconic.  Well there is a way to do that and it's with this Waterproof Smartphone Carrying Case - White! It works fantastic. 

We have used it in the pool to take pictres and video. There hasn't been any leaks in and our smartphones (Galaxy S3) come out nice and dry. Not sure how it seals the way it does but it has a great seal to it.  Now we can capture all of our fun times with friends, family and kids!

Product Description

Universal Waterproof Smartphone Carrying Case - White
Did you ever feel disconnected while Bathing, Swimming or sweating in
the Sauna? Not anymore! With the Number 1 in Gadgets Universal
Waterproof Smartphone Carrying Case we had all this in mind this will
lock up the Phone against waters or any type of moist that can damage
your expensive Smartphone - at Number 1 in Gadgets Protection is
what counts.

New Universal Waterproof Bag Case for Cell Phone / PDA, Black
Transparent design allows easy access to all functions without having to remove the case
Perferctly fits in Apple iPhone 4 4S/5 5C 5S/Samsung Galaxy S5 G900H /S4 i9500 / S3 i9300 / Note 2 II / Note 3 III/
Floats safely if dropped into water
Naked in the SPA ? You Can Still Have Your Smartphone Hooked UP!!

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