Pure Care Natural Air Freshener-Pure Harmony

Most everyone that knows me knows I love air freshners of all sorts.  From spray, candles, liquids and any other form of air freshners. I'm sure you read my review on Pure Care Natural Air Freshener-Pure Bliss well their Pure Care Natural Air Freshener-Pure Harmony is a nice smelling one that I was able to review also.

This spray is made of 100% pure essential oils.  This is what makes it unique to other that I have usedI think with it being made with pure essential oils it's what gives this spray a light scent.  Even with the light scent it gives off a nice smell.

If you enjoy a nice light scent then I suggest checking this one out and giving it a try.  Or their Bliss air freshener.  I love them both myself!

Product Description

Package Quantity: 1
Let the purity and harmony of nature soothe your spirit and calm your nerves with our unique combination of pure essential oils. Our new all natural, non-toxic air fresheners, formulated using Mother Nature's purest scents. Not only do our air fresheners freshen up any room, a light spritz in the air delivers unique aroma therapeutic benefits that include feelings of bliss, harmony or increased energy. 

Natural air freshener made using our unique combination of 100% pure essential oils
No synthetic fragrances, No Harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
Light fresh aroma, safe for you and your family
Essential oils safely freshen up any room and deliver aromatherapeutic benefits
Non aerosol spray, not tested on animals, made in the USA

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