Easy Peasy Patches Review and Giveaway

When my kids were growing up I threw out a lot of their clothing because of rips and tears.  I didn't want to hassle with patches because of how difficult they were to use.  Easy Peasy Patches aren't hard at all to use and the kids love them.

These are the patches they sent me to try out.  I love them and how easy they are to use.

All you do if decide where you want to place the patches and then peel the back off and stick it to the area you want it.

Not only are these great for repairs but for adding a personal touch to a lot of things.

Give them a try I think you will love them also!


1. What Are Easy Peasy Patches?
Easy Peasy Patches are fun, permanent stick-on fabric patches. They’re fantastic for mending clothing and personalizing ANYTHING you can think of! Use Easy Peasy Patches on clothing, backpacks, water bottles, iPods, bikes, purses and sporting equipment… the uses are endless! Easy Peasy patches are fun way to show your creative side and make stuff totally yours. Easy Peasy Patches are extremely durable. They won’t tear, fray or peel off easily. Easy Peasy Patches are also machine washable and dishwasher safe. Best of all, Easy Peasy Patches don’t require ironing or sewing. Just peel and stick!

2. The Story of Easy Peasy Patches
 Easy Peasy Patches are my practical and entertaining solution to the age old problem of children wearing out their clothing before outgrowing them. Easy Peasy Patches is the result of having developed such a great solution that I wanted to share it. The inspiration for creating Easy Peasy Patches came from my three young children who continually ripped open the knees of their pants. I wanted an easy way to mend their clothing. I also wanted something FUN my kids would WANT to wear. Easy Peasy Patches were created through a lot of experimentation. It took many attempts to create a Patch that would survive seventy-five cycles of the washing machine and hold up to my childrens’ boisterous play. ‘Testing’ involved having the kids wear hockey pads under the patched pants while sliding up and down the driveway on their knees! In June 2010, I named my patches ‘Scabs’ and launched them under the name Grab A Scab Inc.. The immediate reaction to Scabs from kids and parents alike was fantastic! My initial customer feedback allowed me to make improvements to Scabs in size, fabric and design. In 2012, Grab A Scab Inc. caught the attention of JDNA, a large North American distributor. JDNA purchased Grab A Scab Inc. and ran the business from Jan 2012 until June 2013. The business arrangement did not work out as expected and in June 2013, I re-aquired Grab A Scab Inc. In order to make the product more appealing to craft and apparel retailers, I decided to rebrand the company from ‘Grab A Scab’ to ‘Easy Peasy Patches’ I hope you find Easy Peasy Patches to be a fantastic solution and your children have fun wearing them.

3. How to Use Easy Peasy Patches
FOR BEST RESULTS: Rub with firm pressure around the edge of the Easy Peasy Patch. On wearables, place the item in the dryer for ten minutes on medium heat before wearing. Avoid washing for 24 hours after application. Wash clothing inside out in cold water*. If mending a large hole, choose an Easy Peasy Patch larger than the hole. Loosely sew the hole together. If needed, place a scrap of material behind the hole to prevent the Easy Peasy Patch from sticking to skin. *Some fabric softeners and detergents may interfere with adhesion. We suggest using Tide, Sunlight or Woolite. 

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