Quick Stitch Sewing Kit

 Have there been times when you were either at home or out somehwere and needed a sewing kit for a repairQuick Stitch has a great Sewing Kit for your home, office or travel.

 I have never had a sewing kit like this that has such a great case for it.  It is nice and sturdy and it will keep everything together.

 With this sewing kit everything you need is in one place and organized.

 Check out everything you get with this awesome kit. The awesome case, sewing needles, tape measure, thread, thimble, seam ripper, scissors, safety pins and threaders.

 You won't be disappointed with this sewing kit so check it out now.

Product Description

Quick Stitch Compact Portable Sewing Kit has an improved design to keep all your emergency and quick fix sewing tools together in a conveniently designed compact zippered case. It's the perfect sewing kit that will slip into a purse or suit case for the on-the-go travelers, students away at school, and for home emergencies. It is a must have in your car as well. It makes a great gift for your children leaving home for school, lds missionary, missionaries, new jobs, and just traveling. It can also be a great item for emergency preparedness supplies and survival.
Our Quick Stitch Sewing Kit contains all of the following important sewing tools and notions you will need for every emergency and every Quick Fix situation:
• 24 Stainless Steel Needles of Various Sizes Contained In A Protective Plastic Case
• 12 Spools of Assorted Popular Colors of Thread
• A Pair of Stainless Steel Scissors
• A Seam Ripper with Plastic Cover
• Two Needle Threaders
• Tape Measure
• Straight Pins
• Safety Pins
• Thimble
• Buttons
• All Safely Contained In An Attractive And Quality Portable Carrying Case Quick Stitch is Quick and Convenient
-- Just When You Need It Most!!
EASY TO CARRY: Portable light weight sewing kit that is easy to grab. Fits easily in your purse or brief case and can taken with you wherever you go!! Easily stored in your car as well.
QUICK AND CONVENIENT: Perfect portable beginners sewing kit for repairing those unexpected rips and tears, missing buttons and more! No need to take out a heavy awkward sewing machine! Quick Stitch has all the sewing notions and supplies you will need.
USEFUL: Can be used for emergencies, as a travel sewing kit, as a starter sewing kit for any quick fixes and emergency or survival sewing needs at home, school, or at the office. With Quick Stitch sewing kit - Just say sew sewing kit.
USEABLE: Sewing kit for adults, both boys and girls ,and even children as a beginners sewing kit or your first sewing kit. Can be used as a survival sewing kit and army sewing kit to fix and repair all kinds of sewing thread repairs.
LIFE SAVER: No need for a professional sewing kit! Quick Stitch sewing kit has all you need for those unforeseen quick fix needs. Just grab your Quick Stitch sewing kit -GET YOURS TODAY!

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