100% Biodegradeable Peat Pots

I have used starter pots before to get my seeds to start growing before putting them in the ground.  I have to say though that it is a pain to do.  After all once they are ready to go in the ground I have to be careful not to hurt the roots.  Well I have been able to review 100% Biodegradeable Peat Pots and they are wonderful  No more worry about damaging the roots when I go to put them in the ground.

Ten come to a pack so there are plenty to get started.

I used mine to get some seeds started for my vegetable garden.  It was easy to do:  I got some garden dirt, my seeds, and some water.  Once my seeds started growing I placed the plant, peat pot and soil in the ground.  I don't have to worry about my plant being killed out because of the pot since it is 100% biodegradeable.

So whether you are looking to do a vegetable garden or flower check these out and see how much easier it will be for you.

Product Description

How many times have you caught yourself saying you wish you had more money to buy more flowering plants? OK, stopped counting. Now your worries are over! You now have the Best Biodegradable Peat Pots on Amazon offered by Ramini Brands®


• 10 small biodegradable peat pots
• Each pot measures approximately 3" x 3 1/4".
• These biodegradable peat pots are ideal for nurseries or home gardens • Ideal cell size to maintain ideal temperature and optimal root growth, plant development and seed germination
• Pots are for easy planting of seedlings or transplanting blooms

They have a pretty cool look, so don't have to hesitate about using them in your greenhouse and begin to expand your garden

Perfect gift for any gardening enthusiast.

What's in the box?
• Ten (10) Peat Pots
• Electronic delivery of FREE eBook Featuring Tips for Starting Your Own Seeds and a Seed Starting Chart

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Your satisfaction is our priority. Ramini Brands® is so sure you will love your seed trays that we offer a no hassle, no questions asked money back guarantee and you can keep the best BONUS tips as our gift to you. 
GREAT FOR ALL SEEDS: Each pack contains ten (10) biodegradable peat pots. Perfect for starting a garden or transferring seedlings to larger pots. Measures approximately 3" x 3 1/4". It's a great way to foster a beautiful and healthy garden.
EASY TO USE: Ramini Brands® best peat pots are lightweight, and portable. Includes BONUS tips and directions on how to start your garden from seeds.
PREMIUM QUALITY: Don't be fooled by lower priced alternatives. These are the best reusable seeder pots on Amazon. Designed to use in the greenhouse or in your favorite corner of the garden to spark root growth from plant cuttings or to help with seed growth and germination. Ramini Brands® seeder pots provides a fast and convenient way to start plants.
PRO or NOVICE GARDENER: It's your call! Grow like a 'pro' as you would with true professional grade, peat pots or you can simply make home gardening your hobby.
RECOMMENDED USES: Seeds or cuttings? Your choice! There is nothing like watching seeds you've planted break through the soil and start to grow. Use it for your home garden, square foot garden, or home germination section. How about using cuttings to help multiply your plants for yard sales or sharing? Think of those violets and if you had many to share during holidays and special occasions. Just put a bow on them!

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