Tablet Flexible Device Holder & Stand

I love reading like a lot of people.  It is my way of unwinding.  I also have recipe books on my device which I use when cooking.  It makes it hard reading the recipes when it is laying flat on the counter.  The Tablet Flexible Device Holder & Stand from CLD Brands.

I didn't see how this flexible stand was going to hold my device or any other for that matter.  But surprisingly it is very strong.

Now I can read hands free.

The stand can be attached to other things and still hold your device.

Whether you have tablet, reader or some other device you will be happy with this holder.

Product Description

Color: Black
How many Android iPad Tablet holders and mounts do you have laying around? OK, stop counting. Your worries are over! You now have the Best Universal Android iPad Tablet Mount and Holder on Amazon by CLD Brands®


• Complete flexibility made for any rotational range
• Countless ways to shape the stand for your device
• Universal fit for most android iPad tablets and digital devices
• Light weight and durable
• Fits almost anywhere
• Bends around almost anything

They have a pretty cool look, so don't have to hesitate about using it around your friends and co-workers. They will certainly spark conversation and your friends will want to know where to buy one.

Perfect gift for anyone who owns a digital device. • Material: Plastic and soft rubber covering

What's in the box? 
• 1 tablet holder
• Electronic delivery of how to shape your 8 legged friend

Note: Cell phone/tablets and accessories shown in the picture are not included. They are provided to display the many options for using the holder.
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