Curv Bath Pillow

Like a lot of you out there I love taking a relaxing bath.  The only thing with doing that is sometimes the neck will hurt during it or afterwards because of how my head will lay on the back of the tub.  Not any more thanks to my Curv Bath Pillow.

 Unlike a lot of bath pillows that I have had, and boy have I gone through several, this one isn't an air filled bath pillow.

It is made of a heavy duty foam that gives not only comfort but tons of support for a relaxing bath.

 I have used it both ways.  The curv up and down.  Both ways are comfortable to me it just depends on how much support I need at hat time.

 Enjoying some me time!

The one thing that I absolutely love about this pillow is I don't have to worry about it deflating on me and always having to air it up.  I am also able to store it right in the tub by sticking it to the wall with the suction cups that are on the back of it.

Check out my video of it below.

Product Description

A must have for all bath lovers. The perfect addition to you bathroom. Curv bath pillow is also a great gift for anyone looking to distress and enhance their experience while taking a bath.

Curved Shape The pillow is shaped to provide ultimate comfort for your head and neck leading to a better spa experience and deeper relaxation. Not only is the Curv bath pillow comfy it also has a modern look and design.

Luxuriously Comfortable Curv pillow is made from waterproof PU foam making it extra firm. The smooth and warm exterior feels great on your skin adding to relaxation.

Heavy Duty Suction Cups

Applying: Moist the inside of the suction cup before applying it to the tub, for a better seal.

Removing: Detach each suction cup individually with your fingertips when removing the pillow from the tub.

Maintenance: Wipe off all dust and dirt which prevent an air-tight seal from forming. Use alcohol or warm soapy water as a surface cleaner to remove all grease and oils from the surface and from fingerprints. Wipe all the cleaner off with paper towels to avoid getting fabric fibers on the cleaned surface.

Curved shaped, for superior comfort and support for your head and neck
  Heavy duty suction cups providing extra tight seal, compatible with any tub
  Modern design with compact size that looks great and fits in any bathtub
  Durable, chemically and odor resistant cover, easy to clean and maintain
Smooth, firm, with warm exterior, the bath pillow that feels great on your skin

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