Ava shower filter

 Most of you know that we now live in the country.  Moving out here it made it to where we weren't on city water anymore.  We have a well.  Most people would think that well water is so much better than city water.  Well, normally I would agree but this well water has high contents of minerals and metals.

It's so high that we get a discoloration on the sink, toliet and tub.  It's from the water, not because it's dirty.  With that being the case I am always looking for products that might help me with the water issue.  Thanks to the Ava Shower Filter I think I may have found a solution.

It was very easy to install which is nice.  It only took my boyfriend a couple of minutes to install it and we were ready to go.

Since installing this filter I can't say for sure that it's taking out a lot of impurities because I haven't tested it.  Nor had I tested it before it was installed.  But I can tell you that the water feels better since installing this filter.  It also doesn't seem to smell like it used to.  So I can say that it does seem to work for us even without testing the water quality.

One thing you might be wondering like we were before it was installed is does it affect the water pressure. No, it doesn't, we still have great water pressure so that isn't an issue either. 

Product Description

Tired of itchy skin and smelly shower?
Tired of exposure to harmful chemicals?
Ava shower filter is the solution to your problems
Ava shower filter filters Chlorine, fluoride, chloramine, hard water, dirt & Odors including other chemicals using patented kdf.
Best for hair, skin and body texture maintenance.
Rated for 9 to 12 months produces high flow of water easy to operate and use.
Made in USA
All parts are made with NSF components and FDA high performance approved parts and media
Easy to install or change replacement (when due)
What do you have to loose?

REMOVES FLUORIDE & OTHER CHEMICALS - Filters 99.9% of Chlorine, Algae, Dirt, Fluoride, Lead, Chloramine, Bacteria, Arsenic, Chromium, Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Mercury and Heavy Metals and many more chemicals. Shower filter also reduces scum build-up using kdf.
HEALTHY SKIN - Balances the pH of water. Promotes and maintains smooth, glowing skin, shiny hair, and healthy nails. Effectively reduces hard water and stops itchy and skin after shower
EASY INSTALLATION - Fits all modern shower arms. Comes with installation manual and installs easily. No plumber needed.Not sold with shower arm or shower head.
PROFESSIONAL SERVICE - Made in the USA with a 30-day money back guarantee included. Experience powerful results within days or receive 100% of your money back
LONG-TERM - High performance filter lasts for an entire 9-12 months before needed replacement.

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