Habanero Salsa by SalsaCrazy

 I have to start off by saying I don't like spicy food.  That being said, everyone else in the house loves hot/spicy foods.  So when Salsa Crazy had their Habanero Salsa up for review I knew I had to get in on this review.

 I received a full 16 ounce jar of this salsa.

 We had a taco night the first time it was tried/used.  Then other times they had it with chips.

It was gone before I could get picturesThat should tell you how much it was liked.  The first thing that my boyfriend said about it was WOW!  He absolutely couldn't get enough of it.  He said that it is very hot but had a fantastic flavor.  The next thing he asked was where did you get this?  I told him and he told me in no uncertain terms that we were getting more of this.

If you enjoy spicy food then you will really enjoy this salsa.  Just click the link about to get you a jar today!

Product Description

Habanero Salsa by SalsaCrazy (yes, the same people that brought you the amazing learn to Salsa Dance DVDs). INGREDIENTS: Tomatoes, vinegar, various chiles, corn, Habanero Salsa that's a delicious, hot, all-around salsa with great garden flavor and chunks of tomato, corn, and green chile. It's not too hot to eat, and it's packed with flavor. You'll love the familiar healthy and home-made salsa flavor with a healthy dose of chile peppers and garlic that make this an extraordinary and versatile table salsa. 
Habanero Salsa hot spicy
chips and dip
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