Bee Sili Silicone Oil & Sauce Bottle & Basting Brush

Over the Holidays we cooked a bit different than we normally do.  Rather than cooking turkey and ham we decide to grill wild hog.  Ok, so it was more that my boyfriend grilled while I slept.  He used the Bee Sili Silicone Oil & Sauce Bottle & Basting Brush.  It made keeping the sauce on the hog easy.

This basting brush is really awesome because it not only has a basting brush but it also has a spout on one end where you can just squirt your sauce on them brush it over it.

The only thing about this particular brush is you need to have a smooth sauce because if it has large items in it it won't come out.  It will end up clogging up the nozzle.

It is easy to hold so basting is easy.

This basting brush is a great accessory for all grilling needs and it works great for baking also! 

Product Description

Color: Green
Love to cook but desire to simplify, save time, space, money and calories? Tired of oil & vinegar sprayers that clog up after a few uses? If so, Bee Sili Super Silcone 3-in-1 Oil, Vinegar and Sauce Bottle Dispenser, Basting Brush and Food Storage Container is the perfect kitchen gadget for you. Just pour your favorite liquid into the bottle. Dispense each drop sparingly or pour large amounts. Next, place the cap securely on the bottle dispenser. Flip the bottle over to uncap the durable silicone basting brush and spread the liquid. Place the cap back on the brush for storage. It's durable, versatile and reusable.

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