Perfect Grill and Oven Gloves

I recently had the opportunity to review Perfect Grill Gloves.  We used them over this past weekend for grilling our Thanksgiving dinner.  Ok, so I wasn't the one that used but my boyfriend did since he does the grilling in our household.

The first thing we noticed when we removed them from the package was how thick these were.  Even though they are thick you are still able to function in them.

You get an idea of how thick they are and the quality.

Other than the quality of these gloves we both also liked the temp range: up to 662 degrees!  How awesome is that.  No more burning of the hands while turning large pieces of meat when grilling.

Even though I wasn't able to get pictures of him using them (he was up all night cooking while I slept) I can tell you he loved them and will have them every time he grills.  He is also thinking of getting one or two people a pair of these since he knows they will love them and they would be great when doing cook offs.

We may be using them for grilling but they aren't just for that.  You can use them in the house with the oven.

Product Description

- Your Safeguard Against Extreme Heat
- Non-Slip Silicone Coating For Superb Grip & Extra Safety
- Ideal for Grill/ Oven/ Barbecue/ Microwave / Baking / Fireplace / Camping / Boating
- Very handy for changing light bulbs, Handling hot pots & pans, Campfires
- Contains 2 Gloves - One Size Fit Most - Fits Both Left Or Right Hand
- Five Fingers Flex Design, With Articulate Thumbs & Fingers
- Thick Gloves but not too rigid to allow you to do anything while wearing them
- Heat Resistant For Temperatures Up To 662 Degrees Fahrenheit
- Machine washable - Makes cleaning easy
- Easy storage with hanging loop
- The Perfect Grill Glove fabric is made with 2 layers seamless knitted.
- Thick gloves with 100% cotton inner layer and meta-aramid(nomex) & para-aramid(kevlar) outer layer.
- Made from high quality meta-aramid & para-aramid materials for maximum safety and long lasting durability.
- WARNING! - Gloves don't protect against heat from hot liquids, it is waterproof to an extent due to the silicone strips but do not handle gloves being soaked wet. 

If you grill or know some one who does or would like a great pair of oven gloves then go check out Perfect Grill Gloves. These would make a great gift also!

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